Which party is pro-choice?


When I think of pro-choice, I think of democrats.  Democrats are pro-choice when it comes to abortion.  They think that a women is smart enough to be able to chose for herself whether or not she wants to have an abortion, and doesn’t need the government to decide for her.  And Democracy is all based on our right to choose. We are all intelligent enough to make our own choices when it comes to gay marriage, sex laws, and drug usage.  So liberals typically want to give individuals more liberty.


But liberals also want to give us less choices.  Many want to restrict the kinds of foods we can eat, or where we can smoke.  They want to restrict our choice of owning a gun.  Democrats want less freedom for rich people, and big businesses.  Before a business makes a choice, they must first abide by thousands of laws restricting them from doing anything.  And of course, many on the left want to reduce our number of choices when it comes to healthcare, and just have one single universal choice.  For the left it seems that total bliss is just one more regulation away.


Okay, so democrats may not be the most pro-choice party, what about republicans?


Republicans always talk about giving business more choices.  If an oil company wants to drill in the ocean, “Drill baby, drill!” is the chant republicans are famous for.  The right thinks the ‘free market’ can fix everything.  They abide by the laws of natural selection when it comes to business, although they don’t believe in actual natural selection.  They want more choices in education, healthcare, and business.  So republicans are very pro-choice when it comes to capitalism and most of society.


But of course, republicans don’t want any choices when it comes to morality.  If abortion, gay marriage, drug use, or prostitution laws are at stake, there should only be one choice, and that choice is whatever the Bible says.  So maybe republicans aren’t the most pro-choice either.


And in that sense, both parties start to look very similar.  The ‘Republicrats’.  Both parties want government to fix everything.  It’s a natural reaction.  If there’s any sort of problem, then the government should do more to fix it.  Childhood obesity?  There should be a government program for that.  Poverty exists?  Make a law.  Someone wants to build a mosque somewhere?  Get the government to stop them.  And who is at the heart of fixing our lives and our economy?  Who is smart enough to fix every single problem in our world?  The president.


The implication is that most people aren’t intelligent enough to choose for themselves. If a woman wants an abortion, she must be too stupid or uninformed to make such a complicated decision on her own.  If a person wants to own a gun, they might make a poor choice and go on a shooting rampage.  A businessman could be stupid and forbid black people from ever entering his store.  There are lots of stupid people out there, and we need to restrict them.


Of course, if there are so many stupid people, why do we give everybody a choice in the voting booth?  We hear people screaming every election year, “Get out and vote!”  But voting is serious business.  I don’t know if I want the mob mentality to decide the fate of so many complicated issues.  As much as we like to think that politics is easy, it’s actually pretty complex.  Do you know the difference between Keynesian and Austrian economics?  It’s strange that we want so many people to vote when most of the population can’t even find Afghanistan on a map.


Of course, we could go to a system of communism, and take away all our choices.  Or we could continue to live in our democracy, and still have no choices.  What really is the difference between communism and democracy?  Democratic elections are hijacked all the time, and the political class can be just as easily bought and paid for.  What’s the difference between a monster democratic government ruling every aspect of our lives, and a monster communist government ruling every aspect of our lives?


I think what matters most is the size of government.  Look at Hong Kong.  They’ve never lived in a democracy, but they’re government is so tiny it barely gets in the way.  Yet they have more freedom and choices than almost any other country in the world.  And more prosperity too.  So the next time you hear a politician saying, “we should give people more choices,” just remember that there really isn’t any party that stands for true liberty.  Well, except for maybe the libertarians.